How to lose butt fat – A guide to help you achieve a healthier, slimmer butt!

Getting rid of the fat on your butt can be difficult – but it’s not impossible! As long as you are disciplined, have a strong will and are willing to put in the time and effort, you can lose that fat and gain more confidence. Here’s how to lose butt fat in simple steps!

Track your weight loss

1. Make your current weight visible by either weighing yourself daily or stepping on the scale each morning. The next time you go to eat a meal, see how many points the food is worth on MyFitnessPal.
2. Track your activity throughout the day with your fitness tracker and walk an extra mile every day for three days in a row, alternating days of intensity (more miles) and moderate (less miles).


On those three easy days do not let yourself sit down for longer than 20 minutes at any given time—whether it’s watching television or playing video games—and take up stretching as often as possible while still maintaining good posture.

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What can I do if my butt area is still too large?

In many cases, the amount of size in the rear is due to excess weight. In some cases, it’s due to the fact that your body doesn’t produce enough estrogen (which affects how much fat you store in your buttocks area). Either way, there are things that can be done so that your butt can fit properly into your clothes.


Here are some steps for how to lose butt fat: *Do something every day for at least 30 minutes at a time. Ideally make this an activity where you are moving around. *Eat more leafy greens and high-fiber foods. Research shows that these types of foods decrease muscle mass in the pelvic area and may change hormone levels in women.

Do 100 Squats Every Day

If you’re looking for   and tone your body then 100 squats every day is one of the best ways. The simplest way to do this is by adding squatting as part of your routine. For example; before heading out for work, after getting up from working on the computer or even while brushing your teeth.


Squatting with weight can be done with dumbbells or soup cans if no weights are available. Start with two sets of 12 reps at an easy weight and gradually increase reps and add more weight as the exercise becomes easier. You should also consider adding other exercises such as planks and lunges into your routine.

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Workout your legs daily

Start by working out your legs daily. Aim for 3 sets of 15-20 reps. If you can’t go that high, just work on what is manageable for you and try and build your way up. This will start to get those stubborn fats burning.

One thing I recommend doing after the workout is walking or jogging in place. Stay on the balls of your feet, then take long strides with tiny steps in between. Keep this up for about 10 minutes. You’ll feel your hamstrings burn and this will also firm up your thighs which will have an impact on how tight and toned your butt looks.

Add in some glute bridge: To make it even more effective, add in some glute bridge exercises into the mix. These are great because they target all three of the major muscles that create a shapely butt – the glutes, hamstrings, quads – as well as building stronger hips which is important because it helps to stabilize any weight you put onto them.

Do lunges for better results

Some believe the only way to get rid of the extra poundage on your behind is by sitting on it or popping it into squats. But aside from walking up and down stairs, which is a daily task for many people, lunges are one of the most underrated exercises for working out your legs and burn some major calories.

Lunges work muscles that most women don’t usually target like your hamstrings and quads. It’s also important not to focus just on weight loss as an indicator of success because other benefits like toning up more are arguably more important than slimming down.

Try a high-intensity interval training program

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is an effective way to burn body fat. HIIT workouts are typically short and intense, but because of the increased intensity, HIIT burns more calories than less intense exercise programs.

The most successful HIIT workouts will have bursts of high-intensity followed by periods of low-intensity. Try alternating between these two speeds for 30 seconds at a time. To maximize your workout’s benefits, try an HIIT routine twice a week or every other day if time permits. This type of program is also very time efficient; it can be completed in as little as 25 minutes when using this method.

Eat a healthy diet (high in fruits and vegetables)

Having the correct information about healthy foods can be really useful in helping you stay on track with your goals. In order to look and feel your best from head-to-toe, it is crucial that your diet is well-balanced.

This includes eating fresh vegetables, lean protein sources such as fish and poultry, healthy fats like nuts and avocados, whole grains like oatmeal or brown rice – all the while still including occasional treats like dark chocolate. Follow these simple guidelines and you’ll be on your way to having a slimmer booty and feeling more energized each day!

No sugar or artificial sweeteners

There are many unhealthy and temporary ways to lose weight. In reality, most methods that claim to be fast or easy just aren’t sustainable for the long-term.

Sugary beverages like soda, juices, and even some of the diet drinks will provide an initial kick in the pants when it comes to weight loss but they’re not only causing you to pack on pounds in other places (like your belly), they’re also increasing your risk of developing conditions like diabetes or heart disease.

Artificial sweeteners can even cause physical reactions like headaches and stomach aches so it’s important to steer clear of these ingredients as well. Here are some natural strategies that may have worked for others who’ve made the change

Don’t forget your protein intake

You might have heard that protein is the key to weight loss. And while it’s not the only factor, making sure you’re getting enough protein in your diet can help with losing butt fat by giving your body the energy it needs for the tasks at hand.

Eating sufficient amounts of protein can also help with keeping your blood sugar levels stable and improving your satiety (feeling full) so that you don’t over eat or turn to other foods when feeling hungry. Try including eggs in as many meals as possible: breakfast scrambled with chopped vegetables and feta cheese, an omelette for lunch and hard boiled eggs for a snack.