How to Lose Fat Without Losing Muscle Full Guide

Reducing your body weight while maintaining muscle mass( or indeed gaining further) is a grueling thing, but surely not insolvable.

To achieve this, you need a combination of strategiesincluding the right nutrition and an exercise planlikewise, you ’ll need to support your body through rest, hydration, and replacing lost electrolytes.


This companion explains the medium behind fat loss and muscle loss, and tips on how to burn fat without losing muscle.

How Fat Loss Happens

Your body fat chance decreases when you cut calories and enter a calorie deficiency, whether you do it designedly or not. You presumably know what a calorie deficiency is, which means consuming smaller calories( from foods and drinks) than your body becks . For case, if you burn,500 calories a day but you only eat 800 calories, also you ’re in a 700 calorie deficiency.


still, it’s important to note that calories are n’t all the sameMeaning, it’s not just the quantum of calories you consume that matters, but also where those calories come from.

Between a largely reused food and natural food with the same calorie count, you ’re more likely to get a better fat burn from choosing the ultimate. This is because reused foods contain added sugars, artificial flavors, and vegetable canvases that beget inflammation and jones ( which promote gluttony).

Also, when it comes to cutting without losing muscle, it’s helpful to keep in mind that losing fat becomes more delicate as you get agedspare muscle naturally declines about 3- 8 after the age of 30 and the rate increases indeed more after 60. And not to mention, hormonal changes in women during menopause.


While these physical changes are ineluctable, they can be reversed or fixed by constantly following a healthy salutary patternphysical exertiontoning and cardio), and losing weight at a steady pace.

How Muscle Loss Happens

Muscle lossalso known as muscle atrophy, is when your muscle mass thins or wastes down. It can be for numerous reasons and two common factors are a lack of physical exertion and poor nutrition( or a diet that’s lacking in foods that promote muscle conflation).

Advanced age also leads to sarcopenia or age– related muscle loss, as mentioned in the former section of this composition.

During muscle atrophy, the size of your cell diminishments due to the loss of protein and organelles( or structures) inside the cell. The process of protein breakdown increases as well as proteasomal ATP-dependent exertion.

It’s no secret that protein is considered a “ king of muscle ” since it provides your body with amino acids. Out of the nine essential amino acids, three are responsible for muscle conservation — leucine, isoleucine, valine. likewise, your protein needs increase if you’re aged.
Important Certain conditions and specifics beget muscles to waste downso make sure to speak with your croaker if you’re concerned.

Can You Lose Fat Without Losing Muscle?

Yes, you can. While it may feel like weight loss is associated with muscle loss, this does n’t have to be the case. To lose fat without losing muscle in the process of weight loss or body recomposition, make sure that you do n’t cut calories too drastically. In other words, your fat loss sweats should be gradational — there should be a balance between pushing yourself and easing up.

Being in a calorie deficiency is one of the introductory rules for weight loss, but do n’t do go overboard and for a longer time to avoid decelerating your metabolism. A good rule of thumb is to aim for a deficiency of 500 calories daily( depending on your conservation calories) from your regular diet to lose 1 pound per week.

You can produce a calorie deficiency naturally while conserving spare body mass by prioritizing whole foodssimilar as in a clean keto diet), adding your physical exertionupping your protein input — or all of the below.

Maintaining muscle mass is n’t just for spa– goers and fitness suckers, but it’s especially vital for your overall health.

One review noted that adding muscle through exercise training creates mechanical stress in the shell. In other wordsstrengthening your muscles builds stronger bones. Another reason to save or gain muscle mass is to ameliorate brain health and cognition.

Ways to Burn Fat Without Burning Muscle

stilluse these strategies, If you want to learn how to lose weight without losing muscle massMore importantly, flash back that everyone’s weight loss experience is differentSo, while following the recommendations below, stay patient and do n’t do anything drastic that will harm your health.

1. Optimize your protein input.

adding the quantum of protein in your diet is one of the keys to losing fat and guarding your muscle towel. Protein promotes fat loss naturally due to its advanced thermic effect of food( TEF) — about 20- 30 — than carbohydrates and fat.

It means that when you eat a protein-rich mess, 20- 30 of the calories from that mess are burned during digestion.

Protein is the most sating macronutrient, which suppresses your appetite and reduces hunger. Plus, it spares spare muscle during ages of calorie restriction.

According to the National Academy of Sports Medicine, people who want to lose weight should aim to consume0.73 to 1 gram per pound. Healthy protein sources include whole foods like red meatfunk, eggs, fish and seafood, and nuts.

2. Do cardio exercises.

Cardiovascular exercises burn calories and body fat.

When it comes to the stylish exercise to use for fat loss, you might suppose that you need to do high– impact conditioning similar as burpees, sprinting, and other jumping movements. The advantage of HIIT( high– intensity interval training) is that it pushes you beyond your comfort zone, thereby enhancing your performance and calorie afterburn.

Steady– state cardio similar as riding the exercise bike, routine, swimming, or brisk walking is also as important. It provides the occasion to exercise in a more relaxed way, can be a good option for active rest days, and builds abidance.

3. Incorporate strength training.

Strength training is a vital part of adding your overall fitness, not to mention its other benefits beyond the spa — similar as bone healthdecelerating bone loss) and advancements in mood. When combined with cardio exercisestrength training may boost good cholesterol situations.
exemplifications of strength training include lifting free weights( dumbbells or barbells), resistance band exercises, and using your own body weight( like syllables, pushups, and lunges).

As an fresh tip, do n’t be hysterical to lift heavy weightsstructure muscle can ameliorate your body composition. Plus, adding muscle mass also increases your resting metabolism, helping you lose further weight and keep it off.

4. Eat carbohydrates around your exercises.

inordinate consumption of carbohydrates, especially refined carbs, contributes to redundant stored energy, causing weight gain.

still, you do n’t have to fully avoid carbs or live a carb-free liferather, you can use carbs strategically in a way that allows you to push harder at the spa. People looking to make strength and muscle do this, and those following a targeted keto diet for performance earnings.

Choose light and easy– to- condensation carb foods similar as white chuck or bananas. Eat them 30 twinkles previous to your exercise session.

5. Avoid restrictive overeating.

tone– discipline plays a pivotal part in helping you stick to your short– term and long– term pretensionsJust be careful to not go too extreme.

passions of privation may spark gluttonyespecially when tempting foods are present. A randomized controlled trial showed that chocolate- deprived subdued eaters ate more chocolate and that they had further food jones than did unrestrained eaters.

6. Make time for rest and recovery.

Rest days are days when you take a break from your regular exercise routine. It’s important to take at least one rest day a week depending on the intensity of your authority.

A rest day has plenitude of benefitssimilar as relieving and repairing sore muscles, allowing your mind to rest( a internal break from your fitness), and precluding injuries.

Speaking of rest and recovery, you may have heard of a “ diet break, ” which is a popular strategy used in the fitness community to offset adaptive thermogenesis — a miracle in which metabolic rate diminishments as a result of prolonged calorie restriction or undereating.

In a randomized controlled trialactors were divided into two groups one group stayed on the diet for 16 weeks while the other group stayed on the diet for 2 weeks, also took a 2- week break. The results of the study revealed that those who took a break ended up losing further weight and gained lower weight after the study was done.

7. Do n’t forget proper hydration and replenishing electrolytes.

lack of hydration reduces your strength and high– intensity abidance. This might be because of the fact that proper hydration enhances blood inflow to your muscles, allowing for optimal performance.

still, electrolyte imbalances might do, which could lead to symptoms like muscle cramps during or incontinently after exercise, If the body is dehydrated.

Make sure to drink fluids ahead and after a drill. You may also take a sports drink with sodium and potassium. Perfect Keto’s Daily Electrolytes contains these electrolytes and are free of added sugars and calories to support your physical exertion and fat loss pretensions.

Important advice: Do n’t vacillate to seek help from a pukka coach who can put together a diet and fitness plan that’s substantiatedsafe, and effectiveHaving a coach can also go a long way in keeping you responsible.

constantly Asked Questions

Discover more answers to the most common questions on how to maintain muscle while cutting

How do I know if my body is in fat– burning mode?

The most definitive way to tell is by checking your ketone situations. Ketones are produced when your body starts tapping into its stored fat to sustain your energy. You can test for ketone situations using a ketone urine testing strip or a blood ketone cadence.

Meanwhile, you can also watch out for symptoms of increased fat– burning, similar as reduced hunger in between refectionsmore stable energy situations throughout the day, and the capability to exercise indeed in a dieted state.

Does my body burn fat or muscle first?

Your body burns through its fat stores first, and this happens after depleting its glycogen reserves( the storehouse form of carbohydrates). still, you could lose muscle at the same time if you cut too numerous calories and do n’t eat enough protein, a macronutrient that’s so important for maintaining spare muscle.

How can I tell if I ’m losing muscle and gaining fat?

Weigh yourself on the scale and measure your body fat using a skinfold caliper or a body composition checkup( DEXA). stillalso you ’re likely gaining fat, If you see adding figuresNeglecting your salutary protein input and physical exertion are also pointers that you ’re losing muscle.

Does sweating burn fat?

No, sweating doesn’t burn fatSweating is your body’s own medium of regulating its temperature, especially if you ’re exercising in warm surroundings. You do n’t just lose water when you sweat, but also electrolytes like sodium, chloride, and potassium.

Should I make muscle or lose fat first?

stillalso it’s stylish to concentrate on losing that fat first, If you have a lot of body fat to lose. When doing this, do n’t just concentrate on cardio exercises, but also incorporate resistance training( or strength training) to increase your metabolism and make the process of fat– burning easier.

The Final Word

Losing fat without losing muscle mass in the process entails a holistic approach.

It’s not just about eating lower and moving more, but rather multiple strategies which include optimizing your protein inputstrength training and cardio exerciseseating carbs strategically, not going overboard with overeating, rest, and hydration plus electrolyte input.

Indeed if weight loss is your only thingconserving muscle helps you to make stronger bones and ameliorate your internal health. It may indeed be salutary for keeping the weight off by adding your metabolic rate.

While following all these strategiesbe sure to cover your results. You can do this by checking your body fat chance as you progresstaking ahead and after filmland, and noticing how you feel.