How to make working out a habit?


Working out has many benefits. It helps you stay fit, reduces stress, and can make you more attractive to the opposite sex. However, most people don’t enjoy working out as much as they should. If you can figure out how to make working out a habit instead of an obligation, then your life will be better for it!

Make it part of your routine.

  • Make it part of your daily routine.
  • Don’t make it a chore, make it something you enjoy.
  • Treat your workouts like they are a habit, not the goal.
  • Remember to reward yourself!

Vary your workouts and make them fun.

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You might get bored if you do the same boring workout for too long, so mix it up! Try some new exercises and switch things up by doing different types of workouts. For example, you could try sprinting or go for a walk in the park in addition to lifting weights at the gym.

There’s nothing wrong with having fun while working out. You can even make exercising more enjoyable by listening to music or watching TV while doing it.


Make it easy to get started

  • Set a timer. Most people find it easier to work out when they know that they have a set time in which to do so. For example, you can set an alarm on your phone and then use that time as the beginning and end of your workout. You might also make use of a programmable kitchen timer or one of those egg timers with bells on them! The important thing is that you are committing yourself to working out for a specific period of time, instead of just saying “I’ll probably fit in some exercise today” or “I should really get more exercise.”
  • Create an upbeat playlist. Music can be extremely motivating when it comes to working out because it helps keep us moving forward even when we feel tired or unmotivated! To create an uplifting playlist for yourself, try using songs from artists like Michael Franti & Spearhead (who wrote “Say Hey”), Bob Marley (who wrote “One Love”), Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals (“Diamonds On The Inside”), 311 (who wrote “Come Original”), Jack Johnson (“Banana Pancakes”), Sublime with Rome (“Panic”), and Rebelution (“Runaway”). Whatever genre strikes your fancy will work well!

Reward yourself for making progress.

Reward yourself for making progress.

If you’re trying to build a habit that sticks, it’s important to reward yourself for your small wins along the way. How? While working out, set up a series of small rewards for when you achieve certain milestones—for example: “if I finish this workout before 45 minutes and can do 25 push-ups, then I’ll buy myself dinner.” Or “if I don’t skip any workouts this week, then I’ll treat myself to an hour at the spa.” It doesn’t matter what these rewards are; they just need to be something that makes your brain say “I’m getting closer” or “I’m doing great!” This will help motivate and inspire you as well as keep you focused on reaching those goals.

Reward yourself after finishing workouts as well! Here are some ideas:


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Connect with friends.

If you’ve spent any time at a gym, you know that working out with friends can be an awesome way to stay motivated. A study found that people who exercised with a friend were more likely to stick to their workout routine—and we couldn’t agree more!

Working out with friends can help motivate you when it’s hard (after all, they won’t let you quit). You can also encourage each other as well as push yourselves to try new things. For example, if your buddy wants to try hiking but she doesn’t think she has the energy for it today, maybe you’ll convince her otherwise by saying something like: “You’re so much stronger than I am; I know if anyone could do this hike today it would be YOU.” That might sound cheesy (and maybe even delusional), but trust us—it works!

Workout is fun

  • Get a workout partner.
  • Make it a game, or challenge.
  • Do something you enjoy, like dancing or martial arts.
  • Do something you hate, like running (but not if you’re injured).


We hope you enjoyed this article and found some useful pointers in it. Thanks for reading!