The best outdoor activities to relieve stress


We spend so much time indoors that it’s easy to forget about the world we live in. It turns out, though, that being outdoors can have positive effects on our mental health as well. The great outdoors can be a place where we let go of all of the stressors in life and focus on what is truly important: nature, friends and family. If you’re wondering how to relieve stress this summer or any season for that matter, consider these outdoor activities:

Take a walk.

Take a walk. A simple walk is one of the best ways to relieve stress and escape from a busy schedule. You’ll get some fresh air, see new places, and connect with nature. You can do it anywhere—in your neighborhood or on campus, at the beach or in the woods—and you don’t need any special gear or equipment. And if you’re looking for companionship while you walk (or just want someone else to carry your stuff), no problem! Just bring along a friend who enjoys walking as much as you do.


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Listen to music in the park.

Listen to music in the park.

Listening to music while you walk or run is a great way to clear your mind, but it’s also pretty much the only outdoor activity where it’s acceptable (and encouraged) to look like an idiot with headphones on and no cares in the world. If you want to use your time outside as an opportunity for relaxation and escape, this is an easy way to do so while not feeling guilty about being a distraction on public transit or other people’s workout routines.


Play Frisbee with your dog.

Play Frisbee with your dog.

It’s good for both of you, and it’s a great way to bond with your pup. If there are any parks nearby or beaches, take advantage of them! You can also play frisbee in your own backyard too.


Meditate in nature.

Meditation is one of the best ways to reduce stress and improve your mood. It’s also a great way to start the day, as it can help you sleep better, be more productive and reduce anxiety.

The benefits are endless: meditation has been shown to boost brain health in older adults; decrease negative emotions like anger, anxiety, irritability and depression; improve attention span and memory; reduce pain perception; lower blood pressure; increase tolerance for pain and discomfort; boost immune system function (in both children and adults). And if you’re feeling overwhelmed by all these benefits (and more), don’t worry! It’s not necessary for you to practice for hours on end—even five minutes a day can help!

Play on the playground.

Play on the playground.

This is arguably the best stress reliever of all, because it’s free and it doesn’t require any effort to pay attention to your surroundings. Just go to a playground with your kids (or even by yourself), swing, slide and monkey-bar your way through some intense climbing action and then sit back in the shade for some people watching.

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Playing on the playground not only relieves stress but also provides a great opportunity for exercise, which can help improve moods as well. Not only will you be able to enjoy some sunshine and fresh air while getting some exercise; you’ll also get a chance to bond with friends or family members!

Attend an outdoor gathering such as a festival, concert or street fair. Go biking.

  • Attend an outdoor gathering such as a festival, concert or street fair.
  • Go biking.

Try kickball or another team sport.

If you’re looking for a way to get exercise and meet new people, kickball is the sport for you. It’s also a great way to spend time with friends, who can help motivate you when the going gets tough. And, of course, playing kickball is a good way to get out of the house and enjoy some fresh air while having fun at the same time!

Go for a family picnic and make it a potluck.

We all know the joy of a good potluck. Not only are they a great way to get to know new people and try new foods, but they’re also an economical option for your family. Plus, it’s fun to be able to bring something different than what everyone else is bringing!

These recipes are easy enough for even the most novice cook (i.e., me) with ingredients that you likely have on hand already or in your pantry (spaghetti squash!).

Go for a hike and bring along the dog or your family.

Hiking is a great way to get exercise, enjoy the outdoors and spend time with your family or pet. You can make it an activity for everyone in the family. Bring along a dog as you hike, and it will be good exercise for both of you. Hiking with your family can also be great bonding time that helps relieve stress and build relationships.

Go swimming with your kids or just by yourself. Take some time alone by going on a kayak trip or arranging a canoe ride on the lake or river while you’re camping with friends and family members this summer.

Swimming is a great way to relieve stress and get some exercise. Why not take your kids or just go swimming by yourself? Canoeing is another fun outdoor activity that can be done with friends or family members. Kayaking, in particular, provides an excellent workout while still allowing you to enjoy the scenery of your surroundings as you paddle through them!

If you are interested in learning how to kayak but don’t know how to do so yet, there are many resources available online where you can find free tutorials on all sorts of topics related to kayaking such as basic paddling techniques (such as how best position your body when paddling), proper safety precautions for beginners

like yourself who want to start out slow before moving onto more advanced maneuvers down stream later on (such as knowing what type of equipment should be included with any given package deal) or even just advice from seasoned veterans who’ve been doing this sport for years now so would love nothing more than share their experiences with someone else who might benefit from hearing them out first hand instead of secondhand via other sources such as books written specifically about this topic only available online rather than offline since they’re cheaper!”

The great outdoors can have positive effects on our mental health too

We’ve all been there: feeling stressed, anxious, or otherwise out of sorts. It’s normal to feel this way sometimes—we’re only human. But what if you could use your surroundings to help you de-stress? It turns out that the great outdoors can have positive effects on our mental health too!

Here are a few examples of outdoor activities that can help you relax and relieve stress:

  • Sitting quietly in nature
  • Walking along a beach or hiking through a forest or mountain range
  • Camping under the stars
  • Taking pictures with your favorite camera


So there you have it, ten ways to get out of the house and enjoy your surroundings. It’s not just about getting healthy, though—it’s also about finding time to decompress and spend time with friends and family, which can help reduce stress levels as well. With so many options available for outdoor fun, there are plenty of ways to unwind this summer.